photos by Zahra Ansari and Ahmad Shami.


Midterm season (a.k.a. the time from your first midterm to your first final) is well under way and we are all feeling it. To kick off the semester and provide a worthwhile distraction from studying, all of us here at Al.B would like to share ten of our favorites that keep us going throughout the semester.


colored pens

have colorful, organized notes even when you can't understand them


sticky notes

stick them on stuff



absolute necessity for telling yourself you are studying but actually on facebook



zone out and get distracted



so you can check those dry notifications


phone charger

you won't need to keep asking everyone around you for their charger


water bottle

stay hydrated and get up every half hour to refill it


blue door cafe

get out of the library to get work done but mostly watch other people get work done


mint mojito from philz

no they're not alcoholic


red bull

consume in moderate amounts