Threads Spooky Sunday Edition:

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch - A Travelogue and Photo Essay

words | firdausi sudarmadji

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‘Tis the new season!

Every season brings a different version of myself. With the chillier weather and cozy vibe, Fall season definitely brings a beautiful kind of atmosphere. One of the essentials of getting into the autumnal spirit is paying a visit to the mecca for cute toddler and millennial pictures: the pumpkin patch!

After researching the best pumpkin patches in the San Francisco Bay Area, my dear friend and I decided on exploring Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch in San Francisco. Packed in the streets, Clancy’s was chock-full of pumpkins, crawl mazes for kids (I admit, I did go through), and even a hay ride!

Read on to taste a flavor of my trip to the pumpkin patch to get further into the fall mood.

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After stepping out of our Uber, we were engulfed in the chilly San Francisco weather. We could see the fog slowly creeping in. As we walked through the gates of Clancy’s, the “Rules of the Pumpkin Patch” and an eyeful of bright orange pumpkins greeted our sight.

Petrifying scarecrows and delightful cornhusks decorated the surrounding poles, which acted as great photo ops for millennials! One could also grab a wheelbarrow to carry all the different-sized pumpkins, or pose with them for Instagram.

The variety of pumpkins onsite was astonishing; anyone could easily find what they were looking for. From large pumpkins for carving purposes, to cute, tiny ones for decorating tables and window sills, it was easy to find the perfect pumpkin that suited your needs!

The spooky decorations, especially the tombstones for the hayride - which reminded me of the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland - made us giggle. Such fun!

Other charming/worthwhile attractions included turkeys that the children at the patch were overwhelmingly ecstatic about. Hopefully they won’t end up as someone’s Thanksgiving meal….

As we headed out, the lights switched on, which prompted Aishah to return to the patch; she simply had to take photos of the lights against the incoming fog. The results were, in one word, beautiful.

I hope my day at the pumpkin patch put you in the fall atmosphere! Although the patch was quite small in size and we spent a solid thirty minutes checking out the gorgeous pumpkins and attractions, the trip was most certainly worth it. Indeed, it put us both in the festive spirit and breeded a sense of acceptance for the end of the old season.

So take a trip to Clancy’s Pumpkin Patch, grab a delicious holiday drink at Peet’s Coffee, listen to “Autumn Vibes” playlists on Spotify, or simply watch and appreciate the trees in front of your dorm change into vibrant shades of orange, yellow, and brown. Marvel at the gorgeous Halloween holiday season unfolding ahead of you.

photos | aishah mahmud and sania elahi