By: Aishah Mahmud


Love letters to little things in life.


Dear Rain,

        I seriously underestimated you. I assumed my twenty-minute walk to class under a light drizzle would be fine with just an umbrella and my Keds® sneakers. Never have I been more wrong. I’m thankful for only having one class on Thursday and being able to walk in my sloshing socks back to my room, where I could enjoy your beauty from my warm bed for the rest of the day.


Dear Coco,

        I apologize for both of my parents falling asleep when I took them to watch you, but you were truly the most moving cinematic masterpiece I've seen in a very long time.


Dear Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify,

        Thank you for having my back with fresh new music every week, and for curing me of my inability to not just play the same song on repeat because I can’t bring myself to find new songs when I’m studying.


Dear Peppermint Mocha from Peet’s Coffee,

        Has a better drink ever been created? You are the perfect mix of mint and chocolate, an emblem of holiday joy and warmth.


Dear Trader Joe’s stores,

        You are truly magnificent, with your rows of colorful snacks and unbeatable microwaved foods. You are my happy place.


Dear sweatpants,

        Why did I ever try to replace you with jeans? I should have realized that you were and always will be the one for me.



Dear Buzzfeed Unsolved,

        How are you so addicting? So creepy, yet so funny? So educational?


Dear Ici Ice Cream,

        I probably shouldn’t have had you in 40 degree weather, but your Earl Grey flavor was worth it.


Dear skin,

        I get that I don’t moisturize you and take care of you like I should, but please stop hurting me like this.


Dear daylight,

        I appreciate you whenever you’re here, but I miss when you were around past 5 PM.


Dear Finals Week,

        (deep breathes) Let’s do this.


Photos By: Zahra Ansari