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Interested in joining our talented team? Apply today to contribute to the premiere Muslim publication.  Questions about what it's like working for us? Check out our FAQ's below.

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We accept applications from non-UC Berkeley students as well.
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You may apply to more than one position. For example, writing for both online and print is recommended and not overly time consuming.
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Applications for Spring 2016 have closed, but the the Al-B team leaves the application open, and invites you to apply for consideration for a summer role or the next academic semester.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the obligations of each position?                                                                                                      

Print writers contribute one article per issue (semesterly issues). Depending on the situation, the writer typically has one week to brainstorm and outline, 2 weeks to write, and one week to edit. Articles run 1200-1500 words.                                              

Online writers write about once a month. Articles are generally shorter in length and are more casual and versatile; they can write a blog piece, a reflection, or something comedic if they like. Writers have one to two weeks to write an online piece.          

Photographers will be assigned articles to brainstorm and plan photo ideas with editors. They will have one to two weeks to complete their assignment(s).                                                                             

Layout designers begin their work after photos and articles are in. Designers are assigned a print spread or an online article, and, depending on the impending deadline date, they may have a few days to a week to complete their assignments.

Marketers are a new addition to the Al-B team this semester and will work with a team lead by a director to brand and communicate Al-B to its target audience. It will be up to the team to collectively come up with ideas and strategies to pursue and implement to increase Al-B's readership and presence.

2. How much of a time commitment is it?

It is not a large time commitment at all--maybe 5-10 hours for the entire semester.

3. Can I apply anytime?

Yes, and we encourage it. Sometimes staff members drop due to unforseen circumstances and we may need replacements. However, priority is given to those who apply at the beginning of the term.

4. What if I'm not a Berkeley student?

Apply anyway. We, the Al-B team, are looking to diversify both our staff and our audience, and having you on our team would make us really happy. 

5. How is guest contributor different from any other position?

We've created the position of guest contributor for those who want to write once or twice without any strings attached. Guest-contributing for our online page is always welcome, but we prioritize staff for our print issues, and will only use guests on availability (for both print and online).